UK weather forecast: Snow to fall ‘for days’ as deep freeze brings -11C blast

The Met Office has warned of wintry weather in the days ahead as snow maps show which regions could get a covering as the temperatures plunges well below freezing

Brits are set to freeze in a cold snap that will see temperatures plummet and heavy snow hit parts of the country ‘for days’.

Forecasters predict that the chilly November will continue with snow expected to blanket some northern regions.

According to WXCharts, on Sunday the mercury will begin to drop sharply as the nation braces for a cold week ahead.

By midday on Monday, much of the country will see temperatures close to 5C with the minimum temperature suggested to be 0C overnight.

On November 17 it is forecast to be the coldest day of the week, with an average of 1C in the north and 4C in the south.

According to Netweather charts the same day will see a ‘high possibility’ of snow in Scotland and then over the following day it is likely to hit the North East of England, Express reports.

The chances will then grow along the eastern side of the nation right up until November 20 where much of the UK will see a ‘very high chance of snow’, the report claims.

The worst affected regions are said to be in Scotland, northern England and the Midlands.

Maps from WXCharts claim between 2-4ins (5-10cm) of snow could fall in Wales and the north of England on November 23.

They also predict snowfalls of up to 10ins (25cm) in parts of Scotland and the north east of England between November 23 and 25.

The maps go on to predict at least 6ins (16cm) of snow across the Scottish regions of Portree, Fort William and Inverness on November 26.

That week, temperatures are predicted to fall to between -7C and -11C, the agency predicted.

The Met Office also said there is likely to be a drop in temperatures at the start of next week and then again at the end of the month.

Forecasters said: “Remaining changeable and autumnal particularly to the north through the start of this period as low-pressure systems dominate, sometimes accompanied by rain and strong winds.

“Elsewhere while rain is possible at times, drier and brighter conditions are more likely in the south and southeast regions, although some rain will likely reach even here at times.

“A rather cold start to the period will likely be followed by a brief recovery in temperatures, before a further likely trend down later on in the month.

“Later on in the month there will also be an increasing chance of some wintry conditions, mainly over the higher ground in the north, but with a slight risk to lower levels.”

UK Weather Forecas
Grey and murky for Wales and central England with some fog and drizzle. Clearer spells either side of this though some fog at first, clearing through the morning. Chilly start in the north. Becoming wetter and windier later in northwest.

Fairly cloudy and becoming windier with coastal gales in the west and north. Rain in northwest moving across most of the country, though the far east probably staying dry. Mild.

Mild, windy and fairly cloudy for most with areas of rain moving east and southeast across the country. Winds easing later over Scotland.