Horrible’ humming noise keeps villagers up at night and nobody knows the cause

Residents from the village of Barwell, Leicestershire, have said they are being kept awake at night by a “horrible” humming sound that is worryingly getting louder and nobody knows why

A “horrible” humming sound is tormenting a village, keeping people awake at night and worryingly getting louder while strangely it is not known what is causing it.

A resident of Barwell, in Leicestershire, has said it is impossible to get the noise out of her head and is strong enough to vibrate the eardrum.

Ange Redshaw and her husband told LeicestershireLive that the “horrible” noise suddenly appeared.

They have lived in an estate behind Heath Lane Academy for almost 30 years – since it was built – and it is in the past year that the sound has started in the area.

And over the past few weeks, the noise which sounds like a low frequency hum caused by a lorry, has become even louder.

She said: “At night, even lying on the pillow, you can feel the vibration, it’s that loud. During the day, I can hear it over traffic noise and other noise.

“It’s there 24 hours a day.”

She added: “We have lived with noise from Mallory race track for years, you get used to that noise, it disappears.

“This noise, you can’t get rid of. It creates a vibration on the eardrum, it’s such a horrible noise, it’s constant.

“It stops for a few seconds, then it starts again, it’s like a pulsating vibration.”

She claimed that she had reported the noise to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council but they got back to her saying they can’t do anything if they don’t know what is causing it.

“The other night we had the TV on. We thought we could hear a droning of speakers but it was the vibration,” Ange said.

“Last night, it was particularly loud. I got up in the middle of the night and heard it. I could not get back to sleep.

“I dropped off in the early hours of the morning and when I woke up it was still going.

“It’s all through the night and then through the day.”

In July 2018, a resident of the village also posted a video on YouTube of a constant humming noise, in the early hours of the morning.