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About Us

Lede India is Maharashtra’s first and leading home-grown and independent news aggregation service. Fully-automated, and on a continuous basis, The Lede India displays breaking headlines linking to news websites all around  Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra and Goa.

Our mission is to help provide people with links to the news they need to read, and publishers with people to read the news they write.

We operate thanks to our unique filing engine, which matches breaking news articles in real time against our thousands of carefully crafted keyword-based topic specifications — delivering relevant inside stories to users, and relevant readers to publishers, in seconds.

Lede India is adding an original and progressive voice to Digital Broadcasting and immediately gaining attention for its unique, information and entertainment driven format. In an industry where the pressures for sameness appeared overwhelming, The lede news brought a radically different look, sound and feel to Digital news platform–quickly becoming known as the youthful, urban and hip spot on the dial.

Lede India is a unique combination of news from streets to State’s. Our newsroom’s mission: To tell the stories that touch hearts, as well as minds.

Lede India staff is dedicated to bringing viewers “A day in the life of Mumbai and Maharashtra” every day.